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Leather Workshop

Meet Eori™

Eori™ is an innovative plant-based vegan leather. It is developed on the ethos of delivering the world a sustainable, high-performing, and animal-free material suitable for footwear, automotive, fashion, upholstery, and sports applications.

Eori™ mimics leather in look, feel, and performance. The manufacturing starts from all-natural ingredients and at the end of its useful life, the material safely degrades and goes back to nature. It is a truly sustainable solution to the environmental and ethical challenges posed by leather tanning.

Thoughtful Innovation

Our commitment to sustainability and quality means we use advanced techniques and sustainable raw materials to create strong and vibrant Vegan leather with is consistent in appearance and performance, lightweight, and durable. It's the perfect substitute for leather for brands looking to combine style with sustainability and ethics.

  • Durable and Anti-Microbial

  • Breathable and Moisture-Wicking

  • Strong and Resilient

  • Bio-Based and Sustainable

  • Zero Effluent, Zero Waste

  • Better Cutting Yields

  • Luxurious Leather-Like Feel

  • Vibrant Colors and Designs

  • Easy to Clean Unlike Leather

Process and Ingredients

We have developed a technology that replicates the cell-like structure of animal skin using plant-based ingredients. By utilizing cellulose from various sources such as wood and cotton t-shirts, we create a bio-based material that looks, feels, and performs like leather without harming any animals. Our process is environmentally friendly as it is carbon-negative and produces no harmful discharge.


Dynamic Material with Diverse Applications

After life

Eori is created to conform to the highest standards of circularity found in nature. Eori™ is a one of it's kind material that is entirely recyclable and wholly circular in nature. Eori™ is devoid of any petrochemicals or plastics, enabling it to safely return its nutrients to the earth after its lifecycle. The bag displayed on the left is created from Eori™.

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