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We are a Bio-Material Company using Bio-Mimicry, deep science, and textile technology to make Vegan Leather. Our Material "Ultraw" looks, feels, and performs just like real leather.

Leather is durable and functional. However, it is also expensive, polluting, and cruel. We have an effective solution to the leather problem and it comes from Plants! We have identified the individual constituents of real leather and identified plant-based replacements for the individual ingredients to create leather commercially.

Our technology is based primarily on cellulose, which can be obtained from agricultural waste/byproducts. Using Bio Mimicry, we can mimic leather in Look, Feel, and Performance, so much so that even the microscopic structure is similar to that of leather. The process is Carbon Negative and involves Zero effluent discharge.

With our process, we are not just replacing leather but we are creating something even better. The first impression of people from the industry is very encouraging. They are surprised to see how much our material feels like leather. This reaction is because it is leather, just coming from Plants.

It is a versatile material and an endless range of colors and finishes are possible, this aspect is very important for the fashion industry and set us apart from other leather leather alternatives.

Leather Sofa


To create an alternative that outperforms and outlast real leather, 100% Plant-based and at a price much lower than real leather.


•To offer an alternative to leather, so good that will potentially make real leather obsolete.

•Also to become a major player in this industry with the help of superior technology.

Leather Workshop
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