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Brown Leather Bag


Ultraw is affordable, bio-based alternatives to leather for the fashion, home goods and automotive industries.



Ultraw is Bio-Based and 100% Bio-Degradable. Manufactured sustainably using a zero discharge process.


Ultraw is similar to leather in Strength, Flexibility, and Appearance. It is difficult to differenciate between them.


Reduced cut-loss and a price tag similar to that of leather, Ultraw makes manufacturing easy and affordable.


Our Technology

By using Bio-mimicry, we replicate the collagen fibers structure found in animal skin to create Vegan Leather.

Our Process allows for material as good as leather in look, hand feel, and performance.

All of this with 100% Bio-Degradable and sustainable raw materials.

Colorful Leather

Our Material

Ultraw is not just a leather substitute but something even better. The first impression of people from the industry is very interesting. They are surprised to see how much our material feels like leather. This reaction is because it is leather, just coming from Plants.

It is a versatile material and an endless range of colors and finishes are possible, this aspect is very important for the fashion industry.

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