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The Next Generation of
Eco-Friendly Leather

Eori™ is a sustainable and high-performance  Biobased vegan leather that gives 100% Leather like performance with Zero Plastic.


Made with care, Always fair 

Eori™ Bio Leather is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather. Made primarily from natural ingredients like cellulose from wood, agricultural waste, and post-consumer cotton clothes, our manufacturing process is kind to the environment, with zero effluent discharge. Using biomimicry, we've created a material that looks, feels, and performs like animal leather, but without the guilt. Choose our eco-friendly and animal-friendly alternative for a high-quality leather like experience that's cruelty-free and planet-friendly.

Like leather, but better

Eori benefits the local community and the consumers by ensuring cleaner air and water, thereby helping to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Image by Noah Buscher

Zero Plastic

Zero affluent discharge ensures healthy marine life and availability of safe drinking water.

Image by James Lee

Leather like performance

​Bio-Based ingredients ensure a healthy and safe  working environment for the people.

Vegan Badge 3

Kind on Animals

Environmentally appropriate use of renewable resources, without passing the burden on the future generation.

Be the trendsetter,
with our bio-based leather


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After life

Eori is created to conform to the highest standards of circularity found in nature. Eori™ is a one of it's kind material that is entirely recyclable and wholly circular in nature. Eori™ is devoid of any petrochemicals or plastics, enabling it to safely return its nutrients to the earth after its lifecycle. The bag displayed on the left is created from Eori™.

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